We recognize the importance of your data.  Businesses often store vital information on computer systems. In the event of drive failure or other problems, it is critical to be able to retrieve this information. Opus Computer Solutions has a well deserved reputation for its quality data recovery services. We can recover data from all types of media, including desktop, notebook and server hard drives, Zip disks, tapes, USB and optical media (CDR, DVD, etc.). Our data recovery services include support of all operating systems and sub systems, including IDE, SATA, and SCSI.

Some clients that have utilized our data recovery services include:


  • University of Manitoba

  • St. Johns Music

  • Manitoba Telecom Service

  • Honeywell.

  • Pratt Engineering

  • Beacon Auto Electric

  • John Gilbert, D. Min.

  • HSB Engineering Consultants Ltd.

  • Techmark, Inc.

Another company couldn't recovery your data? Opus is a leader in the industry and utilizes a range of professional data recovery techniques. We have had great success with clients across Canada and the US. You can arrange with customer service to send us your notebook for laptop data recovery, disk drives, tapes or digital media for data recovery services.

Hard drive crashed? Need files recovered?

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